Elango Genetics Pvt Ltd is a global Contract Research & Development Organization (CRDO) providing Genomics services to a broad spectrum of industries spanning Lifescience, Healthcare, Veterinary science, Agriculture, Microbial and environmental genetics. Elango Genetics has a state-of-the-art research facility located in Ponneri, a sub-urban region of Chennai.

Elango Genetics partners with the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food & beverage and dairy industries, hospitals, diagnostic labs, academia, research institutes and individual researchers.

Elango Genetics caters to the needs of researchers by its comprehensive service portfolio ranging from Oligosynthesis services, Sanger Sequencing services, Microarrays services, Testing services, Next Generation Sequencing and Molecular diagnostics.

Elango Genetics recognizes that clients’ needs are diverse, and has assembled a group of talented and experienced team scientist fuelled by vision of innovative research and development capabilities accompanied by accomplished sales representatives and distribution network, thereby assisting researchers to achieve their research objectives in cost-effective manner within the stipulated time frame.